Oluwo of Iwo’s messy rivalry with Muslim Cleric

The Oluwo of Iwoland Oba AbdulRasheed Akanbi has been enmeshed in another controversy after he was publicly confronted by Sheikh Adio at the last Eid Fitri celebration in Iwo.

Angered by the monarch’s excesses Sheikh Adio who accused the monarch of making several attempts at sleeping with his wife told Bofem Ng that he will soon release phone conversation, other pieces of evidence to back the allegations.

Sheikh Adio who was supposed to lead prayers at the event [Eid Fitri celebration], got into a heated exchange and eventually confronted the Oluwo of Iwoland after the monarch told worshippers present to ignore the cleric and go to other Mosques for prayers.

Firing back at the Osun monarch, Sheikh Adio stated that the Oluwo of Iwoland who wanted to sleep with his wife was fighting him because he stopped his distasteful quest.

Sheik Adio explained that being one of the staff and executive of the central mosque in Iwo, he had a very close relationship with the Oluwo when he was crowned king.

He noted that things went bad following a misunderstanding between the king and one Chief Abiola Ogundokun, a philanthropist who also doubles as the Bashorun Musulumi of Iwo land.

Adio told Bofem Ng that when the clash happened between the duo, the king ordered him to write a letter to announce that Oladokun had been removed as the Bashorun Musulumi of Iwo land.

Adio, noted that he however, advised the king to desist from plotting the removal of Ogundokun.

He furthered, ‘That was where my problem started with the king. The King told me no problem and went ahead to announce the removal of Ogundokun as Bashorun Musulumi himself. I told him at the time that he cannot do that because Bashorun Musulumi is not a title of the palace – it is an Islamic title meant for the clerics and not a kingship title. That was the first time the King and I had an argument.

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“After the King announced Chief Abiola Ogundokun’s removal, the man proceeded to court and all these happened in 2017. Right now the case is still in the court.

“In Islam, there is a saying that, ‘Alfa is the father of the king’, Oluwo wanted to change it to ‘King is the father of the Alfa’ So I delivered a lecture to counter that, which I said ‘Alfa is the father of the king’ and cited the Holy Quran verse to back-up my saying, then the Oluwo also got angry with that. And I also said, God said he will call the Imams first on the last day of judgement…”.

What is your wife connection with all issue?

“After the whole incident, he started chasing my wife. I can recall that my wife told me that the Oluwo met her on the way, he parked to have a conversation with my her saying, ‘Where are you going, Alfa’s wife, why didn’t your husband take you to where you going to, the sun hot, come in let me help you to your destination.

My wife told him not to bother, that her husband has a visitor which is why he couldn’t take her out.

That same day Oluwo told my wife, I can do better than your husband, after that time he calls my wife and still repeated the same statement and my wife told him he should be very careful.

I can’t really say this was how he got my wife’s number, what I know was that when I and the king first had an issue, my wife will tell me that the King said both of us should come to the palace. I told my wife how did you know, did you call him or he called and how did he get your number. But the only thing I can say is, he has my wife’s number” He said.

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Adio also assured that he will forward phone conversations between his wife and the king amongst other pieces of evidence.

Oluwo of Iwo’s reaction:

The Oluwo of Iwoland, however, took to social media to address the viral video with an allegation of trying to sleep with Sheik Adio’s wife. He wrote;


Thanks to my friends and so-called enemies (I call them uplifters) for making me so famous around the world !!! One day, they will call me Yahoo king… another day, they will call me gay and then just a day before I just heard a new one… a gbaruku alfa who is not even an Imam, a 16th position Otun Ajanasi says” you want to sleep with my wife”

The Mosque called Oluwo mosque in Iwo was built by my forefathers a king in the 17th century and happens to be the first mosque in southwest Nigeria but now…. OKIKI TI MONI YI OITO EDUMARE, BAMI WA MISI EDUMARE but guess what?

This errant man has been deposed and replaced by one of his enemies…. in Iwo kings mosque, only me the Oluwo of Iwoland can turban a chief Imam of the land and our own history in Iwo is different from other towns in Yorubaland,

if there is no Oluwo and the Chief Imam pass away …. there won’t be any Chief Imam until another king is crowned and it has happened before when there was a vacuum for the stool for over 10 years(1982-1992) there was no king on seat and nobody can make a chief Imam for the Kings mosque

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