“My life changed when I stop having sex” – Uche Ogbodo

Nollywood actress, Uche Ogbodo has said her life took a new turn after she stopped having sex.

The 34-year-old actress commending herself for not been sexually active, said she has been celibate for two years.

Ogbodo disclosed this on her official Instagram page.

According to her, she has not gone close to a man in the past two years.

The actress said she was happy to keep her body for such a long time as it made her life better.

She wrote: “Since I went back to being a virgin, my life has indeed taken a new turn. Two years Celibacy no be Beans. I am so happy”.

Despite having a bad experience in the past, Ogbodo is not one to give up on love and she has revealed she intends to give marriage another shot.

Ogbodo who was married to Apo Arthur in 2013 before the marriage crashed a few months later over irreconcilable differences, stated that she has no regrets over the past but has learned her lessons.

“I am still a lover girl as I was a few years ago. It’s only that I am a little wiser and stronger. Now, I am open to finding love again and getting married. I won’t say I have regrets over my past. I only have lessons learned. Also, I don’t frown at finding love in the industry. If you find your love amongst your colleagues in showbiz, please feel free to nurture it. If I find love here, I will definitely nurture it. But I have never, not yet,” she said.

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