5 side effects of weed on your sex life

When it comes to the effects of cannabis use, stereotypes still abound, especially stereotypes about how weed affects your sex life. Most people assume that because weed can keep you calm (and maybe even sap your motivation entirely), marijuana equates to a lowered libido.

Others swear that weed gets them ramped up for some bedtime acrobatics.

Marijuana is known to have effects on sexual function as well as fertility. At low doses, the drug has a stimulatory effect.

Below are some of the effects

1. Weed is correlated with more frequent sex

Contrary to what you may think, using cannabis regularly is actually associated with having more sex. Marijuana can dull your libido, people who used cannabis were having sex more frequently.

2. Weed may increase sexual desire

Why are people who smoke pot having more sex? Because there’s evidence that marijuana raises your sexual appetite. There is some scientific evidence that marijuana is directly affecting areas of the body that may account for the rise in sexual arousal.

3. Weed may improve orgasms

Ask many marijuana users and they’ll laud the effect of a bong rip on their orgasm intensity. There has been a human study demonstrating increases in end cannabinoid levels after masturbating, so its possible cannabis can modulate orgasms by acting upon the end cannabinoid system.

4. Marijuana may decrease sexual function

With the good comes the bad, and while marijuana may increase your desire to have sex, it could have some adverse effects on your, err plumbing.  A review of several studies dealing with cannabis and sexuality found a fairly strong link between marijuana and increased sexual desire for women but also found that marijuana could have detrimental effects on a man’s erectile function.

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5. Marijuana could lower sperm count

Unfortunately, there is truth to the age-old story that marijuana kills sperm. So while cannabis won’t adversely affect your libido, if you’re trying to have a baby, then you should definitely avoid marijuana, particularly marijuana containing high levels of THC

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